Saturday, 12 June 2010

By the Power of Greyskull Part 1

So this guy took me forever, I swear there were days I was losing the will to live staring at him. The biggest problem his head, the construction of it took me a week and then I destroyed it after I painted it and in my infinite wisdom tried to wash the aqua marker off too soon. Thankfully I had written down notes as I had been making it so a second took less than 30 mins to make, as opposed to the week that the original took..

The things that took the longest were his accessories, a little shoulder guard here, a belt there but now looking back at my notes you could probably whip him up in a day.
I think I'll have to make a He-Man to go along with him which should be fun and also it means I could easily make up Faker as well once I've worked out a pattern. That's why this post is a part one, I can see me making quite a few characters...